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Are you looking or even planning your holidays in Thailand?

If so, there are some things that you may want to know before you go. We have compiled the most common questions and all the answers about travelling in Thailand for your convenience. Read through this blog post to discover more!

What are the main public holidays in Thailand?

Thai holidays are related to Buddhist traditions. These days usually correspond with the phases of the moon, so they change from year to year and often occur in November or December. The most popular include Songkran (a water festival), and Loi Krathong Festival (in which people float lanterns on a river).

What is the best month to go to Thailand?

Many people recommend going in January or February. These months are usually dry and cool, with the occasional rain shower. It would be best to avoid travelling during the monsoon season (July-September) as this is when it’s most likely for there to be heavy rains

April and October can also be great times to visit Thailand. But you may expect changeable weather, it is always hot.

Where should I stay on a beach holiday in Thailand?

There are many places to stay on a beach holiday in Thailand. Many people love the tropical atmosphere of Phuket, Krabi, and Phi Phi Islands. Some more affordable options include Hat Chao Mai National Park, which is located close to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport (BKK) or Bang Saphan Yai.

Are the beaches in Thailand clean?

Thailand’s beaches are some of the cleanest in Asia. You can find litter, but it is not persistent and there are always volunteers cleaning up whenever possible. It’s also important to remember that these beautiful beaches provide a great place for locals and tourists alike to enjoy many activities such as surfing, snorkelling, or sailing.

Are there sharks on Thailand beaches?

Sharks!!! All of the beaches in Thailand are safe and clean and very few sharks are found in the waters around Thailand. I do not recall ever any form of shark attack

What is the food like in Thailand?

There are so many different types of food available when eating out and cooking at home that you will never get bored! Food can range from sweet to spicy, or a mix of both such as tom yam Kung (hot & sour soup) and pad thai noodles.

Thai food: what you need to know before eating it

The dishes served are generally light, fresh and healthy. There’s no shortage of vegetarian options, with many dishes being 100% vegan or containing tofu as the protein source. What you won’t find on a Thai menu is snails, dog meat (or any other type of animal) or unripe jackfruit.

What is the weather like in Thailand?

The climate in Thailand is tropical with a hot and rainy season. The coldest temperature recorded was 18 degrees Celsius in the North of Thailand and the hottest was 38 degrees Celsius in The South. You can visit Phuket or Krabi from November to January for the high season when it’s usually dryer, more relaxed, less humid and has more sun!

Hopefully, we are asking all your questions and all the answers are there.

So let’s look into more common areas and questions.

What are the most common mistakes tourists make?

It’s easy to get lost and be disorientated in Thailand, even if you’ve been there before. To avoid this problem, have a map of the area or download maps on your phone before going out.

When greeting someone says “sawadee” instead of hello or how you would greet someone in your home country.

Stay away from any drugs when travelling as they are illegal and possession can result in jail time!

What drugs can be used legally?

Well the simple answer here is NONE! You would be crazy to be carrying, using or even helping anyone, simply stay out of trouble.

Think about your feet for a moment.

In the temples, it’s best to take off your shoes and walk around barefoot. Plus be conscious of where you’re sitting, standing, or walking at any time in Thailand as certain areas are sacred symbols for Buddhism.

Do not point to anything with your feet, touch anyone with your feet, point to anyone with your feet or step over someone that is perhaps working on the ground. Do not step on or over any of the food in a restaurant or market to avoid getting yelled at.

What should I wear if visiting a temple?

The Thai culture is very unique and often times visitors do not know what to wear when visiting a temple. Clothes are an important aspect of this tradition, but specific attire varies depending on the occasion. For example, it would be appropriate to wear white clothes, for a funeral dark or black clothing should be worn. You should cover up with ladies wearing over-the-knee skirts or dresses, no Shorts, No Sleeveless shirts, Thai traditional dress is perfectly acceptable.

How do I know what is sacred?

You will be able to see some of Thailand’s most revered symbols by visiting any of Thailand’s Buddhist temples.

What are the Thai words for yes and no?

Yes is ‘chai’ and No is ‘mai-chai’. You can use a nod of the head, shaking an object, or shaking hands as well in Thailand when you want to signify “yes”.

How do you show respect in Thailand?

The wai, a gesture where one places their hands together in what is known as the “praying” sign at chest level, can be used as an informal greeting.

To show more respect and formality to someone of high status or authority, raise your arms higher than usual so that you are placing both palms on either side of your nose or chin level.

There are many customs and practices that will show respect for a Thai person.

questions and all the answers