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Thailand is an Asian country with the strictest drug policies. However, it has gotten itself into the weed game. Now Cannabis in Thailand is legal!

Thailand’s FDA removed cannabis and hemp extracts from a narcotics list, meaning the substances are decriminalized. The action has helped the country to grow and sell marijuana. And the Thai government claims the legislation grant has helped it become a ‘herbal hub” as part of Southeast Asia.

With many countries worldwide choosing to legalize Cannabis or at least decriminalize it, more and more people are visiting Thailand, intending to experience the country’s relaxed attitude toward marijuana and its use by tourists. 

This guide for cannabis enthusiasts visiting Thailand will tell you about the legalities, how to find marijuana in Thailand, where to consume it safely and responsibly, and how not to get into trouble with authorities while using this unique part of Thai culture.

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The legalization and Decriminalization of Cannabis in Thailand

In 2018, a law went into effect that officially legalized medical marijuana and hemp in Thailand, making it one of only a few countries in the world to legalize cannabis use. Including Canada and Uruguay.

However, recently, in June 2022, Cannabis was decriminalized on a national level (like many other drugs); Thailand’s health minister announced making Cannabis in Thailand legal.

People can now possess, cultivate, sell and use Cannabis in this country. However, smoking Cannabis and vaping in public places can attract imprisonment or penalty because it is termed a public nuisance.

And when Cannabis in Thailand was decriminalized, over 4,000 prisoners were released. The outstanding thing, you can find a Cannabis dispensary after the government decided to decriminalize Cannabis in Thailand.


Regulations on Marijuana in Thailand


Thailand has no restricted laws for the consumption of marijuana plant parts. Unfortunately, cannabis oils and tinctures possessing over 0.2% THC are illegal. Remember that such Cannabis in Thailand extracts are only reserved for prescription or medical purposes only. 

Cannabis in Thailand is utilized in food and beverage products. If you want to smoke Cannabis, it is legal only in private areas. You cannot do this in public places – It is against Thai law Public; Heal Act (2535 BE) of 1992. Once you are arrested, it attracts imprisonment of 3 months or a fine not less than 25,000 Baht (~ 700 USD).


Still, there is no restriction on the number of plants an individual should cultivate. However, the government is still urging growers to register their plantations on the website. And that means the plant’s future growth may require people to acquire the license.


The Thai government excludes foreign companies incorporated in the country to produce, sell, import, export, or processing cannabis. 

It is an act that aims at protecting local companies from the onslaught of other internationally resourceful and modern tech equipment. Luckily, imported cannabis strains are available.


Today, full-time clinics that dispense medical cannabis oil were inaugurated. The act is according to the government’s intentions of promoting the cultivation of cannabis in Thailand and the use of licensed medical marijuana.

Medicinal marijuana addresses many health conditions. More clinics are expected to start operating since legalization under the new legislation. However, that will be possible once the clinics produce promising results.

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Why use Cannabis?

Cannabis has been used by man as medicine and is commonly prescribed by physicians. However, in recent decades, research has been conducted on its medicinal uses and benefits, specifically related to treating cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, glaucoma, and other ailments. It is not safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.

But why do people use Cannabis?

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Reduce Anxiety

Cannabis is often used to reduce stress and anxiety because it contains cannabidiol. CBD in Cannabis has been proven to help reduce anxiety and its THC counterpart. There are a lot of reasons why people turn to medical cannabis for anxiety relief—it can be hard to tell whether it’s anxiety or depression causing insomnia, for example—but there is evidence that THC can act as an anti-anxiety agent.

Medical researchers have also documented how CBD can effectively treat those who have PTSD and other psychological disorders. Because smoking pot is so widely accepted, doctors have found it easier to recommend medical marijuana over traditional medicines when talking with their patients about potential treatment options. 

It’s more commonplace now than ever in Thailand, which means you might not get as many judgmental looks when asking your doctor if medical marijuana could help you down the line.

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Fight Depression

Many people use medical marijuana to fight depression, and for a good reason: It works. Smoking weed is associated with a 45% drop in symptoms among participants.

While it hasn’t been entirely established why marijuana helps ease depression, there are some obvious reasons why THC and other cannabinoids may help.

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Boost Immune System Function

When you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system suffers. Cannabinoids found in marijuana, like CBD, have been shown to reduce inflammation and help control mouse oxidative stress. 

In fact, one study showed that CBD helped stop some from becoming pre-diabetic by regulating blood sugar and decreasing inflammation before symptoms appeared! Cannabis also works with receptors in our immune cells to block pathogens.

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Increase Appetite in Patients’ 

Due to long-term complications caused by AIDS, including weight loss and abdominal pain, many HIV/AIDS patients suffer from anorexia. 

In fact, 15% to 30% of HIV/AIDS patients experience such severe appetite loss that they cannot maintain their ideal body weight without treatment. While there’s no cure for AIDS, recent studies show that medical marijuana may be able to help AIDS patients struggling with appetite disorders. 

One study found that individuals who used medical marijuana over eight weeks had increased appetites and reduced nausea and vomiting compared to non-users. Additionally, users also demonstrated an increase in body weight which can be added to Thai food.


Treat Insomnia

Cannabis helps many insomnia people due to its muscle-relaxing and sedative properties. THC binds to receptors in your brain and can make it difficult to stay awake during periods when you need to be alert, like driving or operating heavy machinery. 

While it may seem counterintuitive if you are experiencing trouble sleeping, a small dose of THC before bed may help your body relax enough so that sleep becomes easier. 

If nothing else, Cannabis in Thailand may help teach your body how it is supposed to feel during rest.


Cannabis is a legal substance in Thailand when you follow the law, but enforcement of these laws is generally far from harsh. For those looking to experiment with marijuana while on vacation in Thailand, there are a few essential things to know about Thai laws and customs surrounding cannabis use. The most important thing to remember is that as long as you’re not breaking any other law – drug-related or otherwise – you shouldn’t have anything to worry about cannabis in Thailand.

Most importantly, though, just relax! You’ve got all day (and night) ahead of you — there’s no rush to figure out what kind of pothead you’ll become today. Just take it slow and let nature take its course.

Frequently Asked Questions: Cannabis in Thailand

Since the legalization of Cannabis in Thailand, Thai people and tourists have been wondering whether it’s legal to smoke weed in the country. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Cannabis in Thailand so you can know what’s true or false regarding these tourism authority rumors before packing your bags.

What are the laws in Thailand regarding Cannabis?

Cannabis, both medical and recreational, is legal in Thailand. Cultivation and possession are not considered offences under Thai criminal law. However, vaping and smoking cannabis in Thailand in public places is against the law.

Is it legal to buy or consume marijuana when travelling through the country?

Yes, cannabis in Thailand is legal for personal use. Recreational marijuana is legal and regulated like alcohol across most of Southeast Asia, including Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. It’s possible to buy small amounts of pot on nearly every street corner. And government-sanctioned merchants sell larger quantities. Many establishments allow you to consume Cannabis in Thailand inside their stores, but there are some locations where consumption isn’t allowed – public places.

Where can I get information on Thai marijuana law and legalization?

If you’re unsure where to find marijuana law or legalization information, start by checking out blogs. Some blogs publish much information about cannabis consumption, laws, and legal changes. You can also check out a variety of local Thai marijuana advocacy groups on Facebook. Most importantly, consider connecting with some locals who know more than you do about growing or consuming marijuana in Thailand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn from people.

Is it safe to consume Cannabis in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, etc.?

If you’re wondering if it is safe to buy, possess, and consume Cannabis (weed) in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui, and all of Thailand, don’t worry. Just make sure you’re aware of the country’s drug laws. Marijuana is legal in Thailand. So there is a free pass for people who want to smoke weed in Thailand or use hemp-derived products.