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Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. If you’re planning a holiday in Thailand, you don’t want to miss out on any of its cultural festivals and national holidays. 

While on holiday in Thailand, it is essential to have time where you relax and celebrate with family and friends. With dozen public holidays in a year, there are numerous opportunities to celebrate and learn about the rich Thai culture. 

Remember, some holidays follow the Western calendar (celebrated on the actual date each year), while others are based on the lunar calendar (celebration dates vary). 

From historical landmarks and religious holidays to fun festivals and concerts, there’s always a holiday in Thailand going on that should not be missed. Here are Thai holidays, celebrations, and festivals you don’t want to miss in your next holiday in Thailand trip.

National Holidays in Thailand

new year celebrations in thailand

1. New Year (December 31st to January 1st)

In Thailand, New Year’s Eve is a national holiday that celebrates everyone in Thailand getting through another year alive. The holiday in Thailand welcomes the day with good food, music, and dance. Thai people also visit Buddhist temples to hold religious ceremonies.

2. Makha Bucha Day (Dates vary)

Makha Bucha Day is a Buddhist holiday in Thailand that falls on a full moon (third lunar month) — and the dates vary. Thai people usually go to temples to make merit by offering food to Buddhist monks. It is also traditional for Buddhists to listen to a sermon about Buddha’s teachings. 

3. Chakri Day (April 6th)

Chakri Day is a holiday in Thailand that’s observed in remembrance of the Chakri dynasty. These government offices and bank holidays are significant for royalists.

Holiday in Thailand
Songkran Water Festival

4. Songkran Festival (April 13th – 15th) 

This three-day celebration marks the traditional Thai new year with a series of watery festivities. Cities nationwide turn into massive water fights, while locals travel to their hometowns to return gifts and participate in traditional ceremonies.

5. Labor day (May 1st)

This holiday commemorates labourers’ contributions to Thailand’s development. If a holiday falls on Sunday, all schools, financial institutions, and government offices are closed on Monday. You will not find large celebrations on this national labour day.

6. Coronation Day (May 5th)

Thailand’s King Bhumibol’s annual event is held each May 5 to celebrate his coronation. After his crowning in 1946, he became the longest-reigning monarch worldwide.

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Buddhist Monks

7. Visakha Puja (June 4th)

Puja is a festival of giving thanks. A well-known Buddhist holiday marks Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death. 

Thousands celebrate the holiday falls with their traditional Vien-Thian ceremony. They make three rounds in the main temple hall with joss sticks, light candles, and flowers. 

8. Asalha Puja Day (Dates Vary)

Thais from all over Thailand celebrate Asalha Puja Day’s annual ceremony. It takes place in July or early August to pay tribute to Buddha’s first sermon. People may visit a temple to show respect and offer food. The ceremony is also observed as a day to meditate on Buddhist teachings.

9. The Queen’s Birthday/Mother’s Day (August 12th)

This is perhaps one of Thailand’s most significant holidays. It celebrates both Queen’s birthday and Mother’s Day. 

On both days, Thais shower their mothers and queen with gifts and flowers to show their gratitude for all that they do. Flowers are an essential part of the celebration.

10. Chulalongkorn Day (October 23rd)

The commemoration of King Chulalongkorn’s passing away is one of the holidays in Thailand celebrated on October 23 every year. 

The king must be celebrated for playing a significant role in modernizing Thailand, maintaining independence, and establishing freedom of religion. 

11. The King’s Birthday/Father’s Day (December 5th)

The current King’s Birthday or Father’s Day is a national holiday that honours Thailand’s fatherhood in the country. 

12. Constitution Day (December 10th)

Thailand’s Constitution Day is a significant holiday that commemorates when King Rama VII signed off on Thailand’s constitution in 1932. The day is celebrated every December 10th. Many businesses remain closed while parades and political speeches take place.

Other Significant Thailand Celebrations

13. Loy Kratong (Dates Vary)

One of Thailand’s most important holidays is Loy Kratong. Loy Kratong is a celebration of life during which Thai people send small rafts out on waterways with flowers, incense sticks, and candles to honour Buddha. They thank and respect the Goddess of water for an abundant food supply.

14. Buddhist Lent (Date vary)

Thailand Wan Khao Phansa, also known as Buddhist Lent, is a holiday in Thailand celebrated during a three-month rainy season. It is one of the Buddhist holidays. Monks remain on temple grounds or monasteries where they will pray, study, meditate and educate other young monks.

Why Thailand is the Perfect Holiday Destination

thailand culture

A Land of Culture

Known for its beaches and temples, Thailand is a must-visit country. This place has so much more to offer than just tourist traps. Some festivals take place throughout the year, exposing tourists and locals alike to local culture and tradition.

Beautiful Scenery

No other country has a more beautiful landscape than Thailand. From breathtaking beaches to crystal clear waters and lush rainforests, there’s no shortage of incredible sights for your camera.


A popular thing to do on vacation is to stay in a hotel. This can get very expensive, though, especially if you have a lot of people with you or if you stay somewhere nice. It’s best to look into other options, such as staying with a local family or renting out an apartment while on your trip. Not only will these allow you to save money on accommodation, but they can also give you a new perspective of where you’re visiting that tourists don’t often get


There are a number of special Thailand holiday occasions that people can attend year after year as they celebrate events with family and friends. Thailand offers several celebrations throughout the year for people to attend. Whether you want to ring in 2023 or observe one of these other special occasions during your visit to Thailand on holiday it is always a good idea to follow local traditions in order to respect what is important to others who share it with you. Have a great time on your next holiday in Thailand!

FAQ: Holiday in Thailand

The county attracts travellers from around the world and remains one of the top holiday destinations year after year. 

As well as being a beautiful country, Thailand also offers plenty of opportunities for business travellers, with Bangkok and Phuket both being important centres of commerce and industry in Asia. 

If you’re planning to go there on holiday in Thailand, here are some frequently asked questions about holidaying in Thailand, followed by their answers.

Is Thailand an excellent place for a holiday?

With its sunny beaches, mouth-watering cuisine, and warm, welcoming people, Thailand is one of the world’s top holiday destinations. The tropical country enjoys a sub-equatorial climate all year round, which means you can enjoy your stay whatever time of year it is.

Is a holiday in Thailand budget-friendly?

It depends. While it’s true that Thailand is one of South East Asia’s most affordable destinations, prices vary depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re happy to do a bit of planning ahead and book your flights directly with airlines, then it can be cheaper than some other parts of Southeast Asia. 

Is Thailand safe for tourists?

Thailand is one of the world’s safest destinations and great to experience Thai culture. However, being aware of certain precautions can make your trip that much more enjoyable. Keeping an eye on your belongings will also help you avoid any confrontations when on a holiday in Thailand.

Where should I stay?

Wherever you stay, try to avoid tourist-only areas. Instead, opt for local neighbourhoods where you’ll be able to get a feel for what everyday life is like for Thai people. Hotels can vary greatly in terms of quality, so it’s worth doing a bit of research on your destination.