Is Thailand safe

Thailand is a beautiful country Is Thailand Safe? Great question

Without a doubt Thailand is one of the most popular countries in Asia to visit and with that beauty comes plenty of things to avoid.

It has some of the best beaches in the world, which is why it’s on many travellers’ bucket lists.

We have put together this blog post to show you how to avoid being scammed while travelling in Thailand and what types of scams you should be looking out for when visiting other parts of the country.

Visitors should be careful when walking the streets because scams are happening left and right, but they won’t know it until after their wallets have been emptied or passports stolen.

There’s also all sorts of strange creatures in Thailand including wild iguanas who will put up an intense fight against anyone trying to catch them!

Tip: If it’s an animal then just leave it to be.

Tourists and visitors to Thailand are always wondering if the country is safe in the coming years. Well, I am here to tell you that it’s not only safe, I believe it will be even safer in the future.

The following are some common scams that should be avoided and what to look out for when travelling within Thailand. It is important to note that many of these scams can and do happen in any country, but there are specific areas or regions where they occur more often than others.

Taxi Drivers

Normally most taxi drivers are unbelievably helpful, however, in the bigger cities there are less scrupulous drivers and these are the ones to watch out for.

Is Thailand safe
Taxi in Thailand

Taxi drivers will sometimes take the long route. Drivers will take a roundabout route to their destination. They will often ask for a much higher fare (sometimes ten times) than the normal rate when you arrive at your destination, claiming that it is more expensive due to heavy traffic in an area of town or on another nearby road. Is Thailand safe in a Taxi, YES a resounding yes. Every taxi driver is licensed, if you don’t see this, don’t get in.

Is Thailand safe
Tuk Tuk Taxi in Thailand

Tips: If it is a meter taxi insist the meter is turned on. If no meter agree the price before the start of the journey.

It is normal if taking a faster freeway/motorway route to pay for the road toll fee. Worth every baht to get to your destination quicker.

Tour Guides on the streets.

Tour guides on the streets are often a good option for travellers. They know all of the best places to visit and can give you advice about what is worth your time. It can be difficult at times to find these tour guide people though, as they usually work in groups or pairs but not always together – one member will wait around while another waits to intervene and help.

Tip. If you do take this option check the guide you are talking with is the guide taking you.

What is the cost?

Tour guides, like many other things in Thailand, are often not free. They charge around 100 baht per hour and it’s worth negotiating a price before you start your tour as they can be very expensive if there is no negotiation. Ask when looking at different tour guides and can help establish a price before any other negotiations start. This rate varies depending on where in Thailand you are.

Distractions when walking.

Be wary if someone tries to distract you while walking down the street there are pick pockets every in the World.

Someone may offer to take you to a tailor or jewelry store, they will likely be getting a commission for the services, ask them before you go if that is the case.

In Summary, Is Thailand Safe in 2021? YES we think so.

We hope this article Is Thailand Safe in 2021 and 2022 has helped you understand how to avoid being scammed while traveling in Thailand.

If not, let us know what other topics you would like to read about in future posts and we will be happy to oblige!

Please consider visiting the country’s many stunning attractions and culture during 2021/22

We believe Thailand is on everyone’s bucket list for a reason!